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Australian Jurisprudence

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When looking for Australian cases you may consult these print sources: 

Australian legal monthly digest. (Sydney: Law Book Company, 1967- )

FTX Reference  KU 17 .A33

This monthly publication includes summaries of significant reported decisions, as well as recent legislative developments. Has a complement volume with title ALMD Advance, a fortnightly publication with information on recent reported and unreported decisions, as well as recent legislative developments.


The Australian law reports. (Sydney : Butterworths, 1974- )

FTX Law Reports SLR 4-30


The ALR includes all High Court cases, important decisions of the Federal Court, significant judgments from state supreme courts exercising federal jurisdiction, cases from the Australian Capital Territory Supreme Court, cases from the Northern Territory Supreme Court and selected decisions of federal tribunals.


The Australian law journal. (Sydney : Law Book Company, 1927- )

FTX Periodicals KTA 0 .A95

A pre-eminent legal journal in Australia covering important current and historical legal issues. All articles are written by legal specialists, leading academics, and prominent members of the Australian judiciary.


Australian law journal and the reports (ALJR) issued together until the publications are bound; Australian law journal reports (ALJR) bound separately under the call no. SLR 4-30 and kept in the Law Reports section.


The Federal law reports. (Sydney : Law Book Co. of Australasia, 1956 - )

FTX Law Reports SLR 4-30

Reports of cases decided by the federal courts (other than the high court), state courts exercising federal jurisdiction, and courts of territories.


Australian case citator. (Sydney : Law Books Co. Ltd., 1981- ) REF KU 17 .A4 A87

Loose-leaf service. A case citator which lists reported cases in alphabetical order, indicates where those cases have been reported and lists citations to cases that have subsequently considered the first case.

        4.1 Online sources for Australian Jurisprudence & Secondary Material


FREE AustLII is a free source for access to full text Australian case law.  It contains High Court reported judgments from 1903 and also the High Court transcripts commencing 1994-. All State Supreme Court decisions are also there, with links to each of the States Court sites. The AustLII documents are not available in true PDF format, and therefore cannot be handed up in Court.  High Court of Australia Transcripts are also available on AustLII from 1 January 1995 onwards.

$ Subscription-based Quicklaw

Browse the Source Directory and select Australia from the Country drop-down menu to view the sources available.


$ Subscription-based WestlaweCarswell

Click on Directory at the top of the page then click through to > International Subscriptions > Commonwealth & EU > and finally Australia Materials.

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