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Parliamentary Documents

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House of Commons Debates and Senate Debates : The official and full-text of the debates from both Houses of Parliament. These are located in the Parliamentary documents section on the main floor of the library. House of Commons Debates can be found at call number CA1 X1 D23F. Senate Debates are located at call number CA1 Y1 D32F.


Citation standard: see CGULC, 6th ed., Ch. 4 Government Documents, p. E107 ff.)


Example : House of Commons Debates, No. 064 (17 May 2001) at 4175 (Hon. Elinor Caplan).


Minutes of proceedings and evidence and committee reports.

·         For the House of Commons, the official reports and the reports are published and available on the main floor of the library in the Parliamentary Documents at call number CA1 XC. Note that, since January 1996, minutes of proceedings and evidence are available on microfiches (consult the cabinet of microforms located on the 4th floor, drawers 5A and 5B). 

·         Senate documents are available on the 4th floor at call number CA1 YC.  

·          A retrospective collection on microfiche is available in drawers 5A and 5B in the Microforms Section on the 4th floor. 

Citation standard: (CGULC, 6th ed., Minutes and Non-Parliamentary Papers)

Example :

Canada, House of Commons, Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Minutes and proceedings, 33rd Parl. 1st sess.,No. 22 (30 March 1995).


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