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UK Legislation

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Two sources are kept up to date at the library :


The Law Reports Statutes (FTX Statutes SLR 4-13)


Includes acts as they were proclaimed and reproduced by an official copy from the Queen’s Printer.


Note that the collection is not indexed and does not contain a table of amendments so it is therefore somewhat challenging to use. It is useful if you know the exact reference to the act and if you know that the act was not modified or repealed.


  • Halsbury's Statutes of England and Wales (4th ed.)

(FTX REF KD135 H34)

Comprises the legislation of England and Wales, grouped under an alphabetical title scheme. Each Act is annotated with cross-references, relevant cases and subordinate legislation. There are 50 volumes divided into 146 subjects. Each subject includes an introduction and the text of acts along with commentary and several references.

Start with Halsbury's statutes : consolidated index (FTX REF KD 135 H343 2006-2007), which refers you to the volume and pages that deal with your subject of interest.

The collection is kept up to date with a series of six loose-leaf binders containing acts that have not yet been integrated into the bound volumes.

Another binder entitled the Noter-up Service is another loose-leaf service that completes the set (FTX REF KD 135 .H34 NOTER-UP).

The Is it in force? volume (published annually and kept up to date with the Noter-up Service allows you to verify the coming into force of acts included in the collection (FTX REF KD 135 .H342).

N.B. For citation rules for U.K. legislation, see the CGULC, 6th ed., p.E-35, section 2.2.


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