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Weekly outline and Recommended Readings: JULIE LAVIGNE

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*This outline is subject to change. Please check it regularly for updated information.



Recommended Readings

Week 1: Sept. 8-12

● Introduction to the course

● Library orientation including tour of building

● What does legal research entail?

● importance of legal research

primary vs. secondary resources

● recognizing & deciphering legal abbreviations



Week 2: Sept. 15-19

● Brian Dickson Law Library website

● Computer laboratory orientation


Legal Research Manual – Introduction in Legal Research : http://legalresearchprinciples.pbwiki.com/Introduction



Week 3: Sept. 22-26

● anatomy of a case

● case law reporters

● how cases are published

● start Canadian Abridgment  (print)

Legal Research Manual – Canadian Jurisprudence – all of Section 1 under Part 1: Jurisprudence: http://legalresearchprinciples.pbwiki.com/Legal+Research+Manual)




● Tjaden, Legal Research and Writing, 2d ed. (

Toronto: Irwin Law, 2004), pp.80-93.

FTX Reserve KE 250 .T53 2004 or online through Irwin Law e-Book collection: https://login.proxy.bib.uottawa.ca/login?url=http://www.myilibrary.com/search/my_content.asp (browse by publisher or use the search box at the top of the page to locate this title)


Quick Reference Guide to the Abridgment and Related Products [2 page PDF]


Short Guide to the Canadian Abridgment and Related Products [82 page PDF]



Week 4: Sept. 29-Oct.3

● more case law

● noting up cases

● more Canadian Abridgment


● Fitzgerald, Legal Problem Solving: Reasoning, Research & Writing, 4th ed. (Toronto: LexisNexis Butterworths, 2007), chapter 9.

FTX Reserve KE 250 .F57 2007


Week 5: Oct. 6-10

Quicklaw training given by Ron Jones, Training Team Leader, LexisNexis Canada



**(computer lab)


Legal Research Manual – Using LexisNexis Quicklaw: http://legalresearchprinciples.pbwiki.com/Using+LexisNexis+Quicklaw


Quick Reference Guide [12 page PDF]


Optional: various QL training materials and Quicklaw Tutorials


Week 6: Oct. 14-17

(no class on Thanksgiving, Oct.13)

● secondary legal material

Legal Research Manual – all of Part II: Secondary Material:



Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation, 6th ed. (Toronto: Carswell, 2006) – Part 6: Secondary Sources

KE 259 .C353 2006 [three copies in FTX Reserve and three copies in FTX Reference]



Week 7: Oct. 20-24

● secondary legal material including less traditional sources

● review of material covered to date

  interdisciplinary research – other databases / sources of interest



● Major Research Assignment handed out


● Fitzgerald, chapter 6



● Sullivan, Kathleen M. "Foreword: interdisciplinarity" (May 2002) 100:6  Mich.L.Rev. 1217, online: HeinOnline http://www.heinonline.org/HOL/Page?handle=hein.journals/mlr100&id=1237&size=2&collection=journals&set_as_cursor=0

Week 8: Oct. 27-31

  primary sources: statutes and regulations of Canada (laws, bills, regulations, debates, etc.)

  tracing the history of statutes

● updating statutes and regulations



Legal Research Manual – Part III: Legislation: http://legalresearchprinciples.pbwiki.com/Legal+Research+Manual (Federal Statutes & Federal Regulations, Ontario Statutes & Ontario Regulations)



● Fitzgerald, chapter 4


Week 9: Nov. 3-7

WestlaweCarswell training given by Josée Provost, Senior Learning Consultant



**(computer lab)


Legal Research Manual – Using WestlaweCarswell: http://legalresearchprinciples.pbwiki.com/Using+WestlaweCarswell




eLearning Modules

Week 10: Nov. 10-14

● primary sources (cont.): Canada

● laws and regulations of Ontario



● time to work on Major Assignment


● British Columbia Courthouse Library Society, Researching Legislation, Part 3: Legislative Intent: http://www.bccls.net/video/researchinglegislation_part3/researchinglegislation_part3.html (sound needed)

Week 11: Nov. 17-21

● Legislation – electronic: Canada & Ontario (finish paper if needed)

● Updating  / noting up legislation

● Review of material


● Fitzgerald, chapter 7



● British Columbia Courthouse Library Society, “Researching Legislation, Part 2: Noting Up Legislation: http://www.bccls.net/video/researchinglegislation_part2/researchinglegislation_part2.html (sound needed)


Week 12: Nov. 24-28

● In-class course evaluation

● Review of material



Major Research Assignment due






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